Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Golden Moment

The gold for which we labor and toil,
Which blinds men's eyes as they dig the soil,
Or warps their goals, visions and dreams
As they tunnel the mountains and pan the streams,
It's power is fleeting; its joy dies away
In the hands of men who wish it to stay.
But the golden morning that lifts my eye
Gives hope to a dream that never shall die.


SevenPilgrims said...

Stunning! Thank you.
Our children have been learning this week about how the fledgling colony of Jamestown nearly destroyed itself because the men were too busy hunting for gold and didn't care to hunt for food, or build proper shelters, or plant crops which would sustain them. Their greed almost destroyed them all (Four thousand perished out of around 5,000 those first 17 years!), but for God's mercy.
Oh may we hunt and strive after the riches of God's grace to be found in Christ Jesus whose blood has "bailed" us out of a lot more than "economic distress"!
blessings, Earl and Jan

Greg Silsby said...

Thanks, folks. Such a great lesson... one that man seems to find it so difficult to learn. All too often we want to lift up our eyes to the hills... thinking our help can come from the wealth within them, or believing that our salvation lies in saving the creation itself.

Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I can't help but lift my eyes unto the hills, but I know where my help comes from; it comes from the Lord—the Creator. His grace is sufficient.