Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Come Close and See

I passed by beauty in a busy place...
A beautiful soul, a beautiful face.
My life was all wrapped up in me--
Too busy was I to stop and see.

But beauty didn't suffer

For not having been seen;
Only I was robbed
Of what might have been.

I stopped by beauty in the garden today...

So easy to have missed along my way,
But richer am I from my ivory tower
To have knelt down here by this humble flower.


Richard Skaare ... said...

Gorgeous photograpy, wonderful detail. You poetry is uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

Marmie said...

This is so beautiful...both the photography and your words...don't ever stop writing, you have much to say!

Greg Silsby said...

Thanks for the kind words, Richard and Marmie. My parents used to greet my attempts at humor with commentary such as, "Don't laugh; you'll just encourage him." Somehow, I have to believe that literary critics might discourage encouraging my writing, as well. But... thanks to your encouragement, I'm going to keep on writing, with total disregard for the precipitous decline it might bring about in the average writing skill quotient of American literature.

Diane said...

Hi Greg,I found your comment on my blog today and came by to meet you. This post is especially meaningful to me today. Your writing and photography are a gift and you give it very well. Thank you!

Greg Silsby said...

I appreciate hearing from you, Diane. There is no comment I would rather hear than that something I have shared has been especially meaningful to someone.