Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Giving Rose

Why God placed the rose just there
Along the garden way
Perhaps no one will ever know.
I'm sure no one could say
Why the Master Planter cared enough
To kneel down in the soil,
To lovingly prepare the earth,
To labor and to toil
...over this, His special rose.

A young man ventured down the path,
As young men often do.
A life so full of promise,
I'm sure he never knew
That this one rose would shape his life,
Would give him joy each day,
Would share with him the Planter's love,
Would in a special way his own, his special rose.

And through the many years that passed
With all their sun and rain,
Throughout the many storms of life,
Through sickness and through pain
The rose fulfilled the Master's plan
To be as He would be,
To always put the other first,
To give unselfishly be His special rose.

No one knows how many lives
That lovely rose did sway,
How many souls were taught to care,
Or helped along the way.
But we thank the Master Planter now
Who knew our every need,
Who cared enough to turn the soil
And plant for us a seed become our special rose.

In memory of Mom — 7/9/1912 - 3/28/2007


spookydragonfly said...

Oh, Greg...Such a beautiful tribute to our creator and your mother. She must have been a special woman. I wonder if the rose was her favorite flower? Your capture is perfection...beside the white rose...the colors in this rose are my favorite. Touching post.

Greg Silsby said...

Thanks for your kind comment. She was, indeed, a very special woman, a very loving and giving woman, who impacted many young Bible college students during her years of teaching speech and English. She loved roses, though the one in my photograph was just one of many she enjoyed in our garden.

Gry said...

So beautiful!

And thank you for the nice comment in my blog.

Kay R. said...

This photo is ... the word beautiful does not do it justice. One of God's wonders and you captured it perfectly.

Emily Elizabeth said...

That poem was beautiful! The picture...just...WOW!

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend, I am sure she was just as proud of you and your lovely wife! Happy Mother's day 2011