Monday, October 20, 2008

Sneaky Snail

Little snail upon the leaf
Why do you eat my garden?
Why take the beauty like a thief
And make my soft heart harden?
Between you and the slugs, I fear
You've chewed up every morsel.
You do more harm than cow or deer,
Or any goat or horse'll.


Marmie said...

I love your work! I found your blog when you left a comment on mine...not sure how you found it! Your poetry and pictures are delightful...and remind me of my Great-grandfather, a circuit-riding preacher in the Kentucy hills, a farmer and mostly a poet. He HAD to write and did about the "dailys" of life, nature and sometimes deeper thoughts as well.You seem made "from the same cloth"! Thanks for brightening my day today!

PhotoPoet said...

Thanks for your visit, and your kind comments. I can't think of a better compliment than to be one who reminds you of a circuit-riding preacher/farmer/poet. It's a humbling comparison.